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Voice Over IP (VoIP) systems have quickly become the most popular and cost-effective alternative to traditional phone and telecommunications services. Millions of users all over the world are now using VoIP services daily for both their personal and business communication needs. However, most users are unaware of how vulnerable this makes them to third-party interception, monitoring, and recording of their private conversations. Recent revelations of mass-surveillance and various privacy violations showed the need for a new thinking in securing VoIP systems. VoIP solutions therefore must protect their users from privacy breaches, and keep the spoken word within the communicating parties.

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FREAVO offers a privacy protected VoIP system with extensive security and privacy precautions for its user by adding an non-invasive security layer, based on approved cryptographic implementations. Any content sent is secured using this layer to reliably prevent any eavesdropping from third-parties -- so your conversations stay completely private and totally untraceable!

Our service is completely free and provides 100% secure communication for everyone on our network. It was developed as a necessary response to recent expansions in global communications monitoring, mass-surveillance, and rampant privacy violations by different world governments, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and malicious hackers.

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FREAVO secures live communications against interception, as well as recorded telephone calls against post-analyzes. This means, any communication that happened prior cannot be decrypted or successfully crypto-analyzed. No intelligence agencies, law enforcement officials, private investigators or hackers will ever be able monitor your personal user-to-user calls.

We are of the opinion that only transparancy can create trust. FREAVO follows the idea of Open Source and opens the systems design and used technologies to you. Contact us to help improving the system. Learn more about the technical basics of FREAVO.


Made in Austria

FREAVO was designed and built in Austria by independent IT experts and has the full support and protection of the Austrian Government. FREAVO is a fork of Linphone (under GPLv2) with an additional security layer for secure and private communications.

Enabling privacy without any compromises.

The technical concept to protect your privacy.

FREAVO ensures the privacy of your VoIP communication using an additional security layer for signaling data (SIP) and media data (RTP). The security layer combines existing cryptographic primitives and focus on high security, while maintaining acceptable quality of service by using high performant cryptography mechanism. FREAVO does not rely on probable weak credentials. Authentication is based on the possession of the users private key and additionally credentials transmitted in the requests.

The system uses a strong “transport” layer encryption including active and passive attack protection, as it builds on proved algorithms and does not have to cover antiquated protocol legacies.

The encryption of the communication content does not use deprecated or doubtful algorithms and technologies. Instead FREAVO uses recommended secure algorithms, such as EC-FHMQV and AES-GCM.

Each VoIP packet is transferred encrypted, as FREAVO does not communicate unencrypted data after initialization. This guarantees data integrity and confidentiality on its way to your communicating partner.

For the implemented encryption scheme the data sovereignty stays with the communicating partners. Nobody capturing the encrypted data is able to have insight on any content.

Take your right to privacy back.


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